Value coaching
Integrity is not a permanent state, but rather a permanent process of reflection and implementation

The intersection and degree of value congruence between institutional, organizational and personal values determines the behavior of the organization and thus influences its institutional integrity.


this picture shows the integrity

A person with integrity lives in the awareness that his or her personal beliefs, standards and values are expressed in his or her behavior.

Integrity is the congruence of ethical values, in thought and in action, at both personal and organizational levels.

An organization has and maintains integrity when it recognizes conflicts between values and purposefully brings them to resolution.

Institutional integrity is the result of an organizational development process that is guided by the institution’s values and focused on achieving its vision, mission and goals. Ultimately, institutional integrity is achieved through the realization of the vision.

What connects me to Globethics is a high degree of value alignment and a vision of ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.

If there is only a low degree of congruence of personal values with the values of the organization, value conflicts occur. These find expression in decisions, actions and especially in internal and external communication. In my experience, individual as well as organizational conflicts are often due to insufficient communication of values.

As a value coach I use forms of intervention from coaching, training, facilitation and mediation for values-oriented coaching.

My services for your success

  • Individual coaching in an appreciative framework to describe and explore your strengths and the values that guide your actions.
  • Team coaching with the objective of creating efficient teamwork through joint work on the team’s value system, characterized by mutual understanding and benevolent mutual support. In doing so, it is essential to discuss and define the intersection of personal values together.



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