Values need to be lived and balanced,

so that integrity thrives

and leadership succeeds


The following organizations are the most important relationship spaces for my profession.

Globethics is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the integration of academic and public engagement in ethical leadership. Globethics seeks to incorporate diverse cultural, religious, philosophical and humanistic ethical wisdom and to build a bridge between different worldviews on ethical issues. Globethics is a global network with an online platform for exchange and access to knowledge resources in the field of ethics to address societal challenges.

Today, it positions itself as a foundation with international reach and a vision to equip and promote ethical leadership at personal and institutional levels through academic programs and resources, collaboration and policy dialogue.

Our vision: Ethical leadership for a just, inclusive and sustainable world.

Our Mission: To empower individuals and institutions to think, decide and act ethically through higher education and policy engagement from a cross-cultural and global perspective.

Our values: justice, peace, human dignity, inclusivity, quality, sustainability, integrity and responsibility.


Transparency International Deutschland works throughout Germany to effectively and sustainably combat and curb corruption. To achieve this, the state, business and civil society must work together and form coalitions. Transparency Germany is a non-profit organization and politically independent. Our basic principles are integrity, accountability, transparency and the participation of civil society.

Our vision is a world in which government, politics, business, civil society and people’s daily lives are free from corruption.

Our mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and in all areas of society.

FAKT: Since its foundation as a non-profit consultancy in 1986, FAKT has been committed to improving social and economic conditions in developing and transition countries. By supporting our clients in the search for new perspectives and sustainable solutions, FAKT consultants pursue a results-orientated approach and promote sustainable capacity building in partner countries.

We work in interdisciplinary teams with engineers, economists and social scientists. At the same time, we apply methodological expertise in our work, such as up-to-date evaluation and organizational analyses, mentoring and coaching.

We believe in working in mixed teams that combine international expertise with local know-how and perspectives for the benefit of our partners. Whenever possible, we work in equal partnership with local consultants and national institutions. As part of our non-profit agenda, we systematically build partnerships within our regional and global network of consultants.


Perlentauchen e.V. is a network of experienced therapists, coaches and trainers who support people with limited financial resources in the further development of their personality and self-efficacy.

We at Perlentauchen e.V. are convinced that every person has the solution to their problems within themselves. For us, self-efficacy means that everyone can successfully overcome difficult situations and challenges through their own efforts. Our vision: We want to support people in focusing on their developmental tasks and – like pearls – finding their own solutions. Our actions are based on our values: care, connection and balance. These values guide us and also characterize our services.