Values need to be lived and balanced,

so that integrity thrives

and leadership succeeds


In almost 32 years of service as a leader, consultant and coach for non-governmental organizations in international development cooperation the indispensability of the universal values of freedom and security has often been brought home to me very clearly.
Through many enriching encounters in more than 100 consulting trips and my service in projects in Africa, Asia, and Europe, three personal values have become the most important orientation for my actions: Truthfulness, Integrity, and Compassion.

Shared lived values combined with a clear vision, mission and achievable goals build a strong foundation for the sustainable success of your organization.

Value balance and leadership with integrity is essential, especially for nonprofit organizations.

Value balance requires a situational approach to values and thus enables you to establish and continually maintain a balance.

If balanced values are reflected in concrete actions, this will be perceived by others as living integrity.

The further development of personal as well as organizational integrity should be of central importance for executives in order to be successful and efficient in order to secure the future viability of the organization in the long term.

Through their lived integrity as an expression of dignity, leaders can bring about trust and solidarity among employees and stakeholders and thus achieve sustainable success together.

this picture shows the value balance from Willi Kawohl