Dealing with dilemmas
The aim of management in dealing with ethical dilemmas that challenge the integrity of the organization is to identify,
analyze and resolve them.

A dilemma is the predicament of a person who must choose between two or more options that are equally difficult and unpleasant.

Whether an organization has integrity depends on its own moral/ethical behavior and whether stakeholders recognize the organization’s integrity as such.

The goal of integrity management is to identify situations that challenge the integrity of the organization, analyze them, communicate them, and resolve them as part of management responsibility.

Helpful questions to analyze and communicate a dilemma as an understandable area of tension

  • Which poles create a tension?
  • What is the tension?
  • What pulls in a certain direction, what pulls in another?
  • Which stakeholders are affected?
  • What are the rights, claims and interests of those affected and when do they come into conflict?
  • What societal, organizational, and personal values are involved?

In an area of tension, the ACTUAL and TARGET situations are in conflict with each other.

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  • Training for the participative analysis of areas of tension
  • Coaching duing the implementation phase of the solutions
  • Values coaching in the context of organizational development processes

Integrität im Managementalltag; Ethische Dilemmas im Managementalltag erfassen und lösen. Patrick S. Renz, Bruno Frischherz, Irena Wettstein


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this picture shows current and target state

The following guiding ideas can serve as a common value base and a common vocabulary to discuss and jointly analyze ethical dilemmas.

  • Transparency towards all stakeholders
  • Mutual appreciation and respect
  • Understanding-oriented attitude
  • Shared areas of responsibility and reporting obligations
  • Recognition of the rights and obligations of the other party

Flowchart for resolving ethical dilemmas

this picture shows a Flowchart for resolving ethical dilemmas

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